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About Toby


A bit more about Toby

Toby is an Award-Winning theatre maker & Associate Director at interactive theatre makers, Coney, where he focuses on making work with, and for, young people & families that spark change through play. He has made pieces that live on National Trust grounds, at The National Archives and landed in schools across the UK. 

In 2020, he created Beyond Arts CIC, who amplify stories of life beyond a cancer diagnosis. Their projects empower young people who’ve experienced cancer to find their own language to communicate their experiences to others and together we evolve the cancer narrative.


He was on the BBC Performing Arts Fund ‘Ones to Watch’ list in 2015 & completed a BBC Community Theatre Fellowship with The Old Vic. In 2021 he was selected to be a UK Creative Community Fellow. 


As a performer, his shows have toured worldwide, with his 5* show, The Eulogy of Toby Peach, reaching over 7000 people. His work is always rooted in sparking conversation and has landed in places like The Southbank Centre, Great Ormond Street Hospital and reached audiences through digital platforms. He regularly is inspired by the brilliance of our anatomies and regularly works with scientists to share science-based narratives. 

A lot of his personal work has been inspired by his experience of Hodgkin's Lymphoma when he was 19, initially to find a language to evolve the cancer narrative in the UK, and he has since used this to work with others who might be looking to find ways to express their own, often invisible, experiences.

He is an acclaimed Speaker, and has spoken worldwide at conferences and healthcare events, on his own cancer experience and how he uses art as a tool to find a language with other young cancer experiencers. He co-hosts the podcast, AfterThoughts, that has shared stories of young cancer experiencers in an engaging and accesible way to 1000s of listeners. 


Finally, as one of Julie’s Bicycle’s Creative Climate Leaders, Toby continues to develop broader narratives to prompt action in response to the climate emergency. He is passionate about work that highlights conversations around the climate emergency and finding paths to a more sustainable future.

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