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Company Three is a company of 75 young people aged 11-19 in Islington, North London.


They make theatre for adult audiences that speaks deeply of what it means to be a teenager, through long-term collaboration between our company members and professional theatre-makers.


Between 2015-17, I have had the pleasure to spend my time working with Company3, formerly Islington Community Theatre, primarily with their youngest makers- Group 1. Filled to the brim with energy and ideas they come together every week and, as the youngest members, are embarking on what could be 7 years with the company. I work alongside the extremely talented David Gilbert as we aim to form a company of young makers who take on the ethos of the company; Be Kind, Be Brave, Be Yourself. 


We have made 2 curtain raiser shows, The First Time and The Last Playground, a short film and presented a performance at the Bonfire, the graduation event for the older members of C3, with the exceptional young people. 


Working with Company3 continues to develop and inspire my practice, with their ethos of Be Kind, Be Brave, Be Yourself becoming a basis of my work with young people. 

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