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Creative Climate Leader

In 2017 I was delighted to be selected to become a Creative Climate Leader with Julie's Bicycle and PiNA alongside 22 other leaders. The United Nations-led Paris Agreement on climate change came into force on 4th November 2016, committing world leaders to keeping global warming below 2°C. There is now a need for creative and collaborative leadership to enable its success. CCL recognises the unique role of culture to influence new ways of being, doing and thinking, and supports creative professionals to apply these abilities to the climate challenge through a programme of events, training programmes and policy labs.

My work as an artist has been strongly influenced by this course - not only looking at the work I produce, but the way the work is made. Looking at ways that the projects I make are exploring anti-racist & anti capitalist frameworks continues to be a a keen part of this practice. 

I regularly make work starting conversations around the climate crisis and environmental justice, working with partners like Greenpeace & KIT Theatre to find ways to engage audiences in these conversations, and looking to spark change through this work. 

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