Derby Freesheet

Hello, firstly thank you for choosing to go paperless and look this up online. It's only something small but small acts add up.



Thank you for coming to my eulogy. A celebration of life.

The Eulogy of Toby Peach has been in existence since Edinburgh 2015 and has evolved to take many different forms in that time. This is where it is today.

The Eulogy is an exploration of the world of cancer, well, a part of that world, it's a world. The more I have worked with patients and healthcare professionals I've realised everyone has their own response to an experience of cancer and this is mine. Its a story born out of confusion and I hope it sheds some light on that world for you.

It's been performed to over 5000 people in theatres, conferences halls and meeting rooms. It was followed up with a show called The Other Side Of A Hurricane last year, which was commissioned by Teenage Cancer Trust for their Find Your Sense Of Tumour (I know right!?) conference. That piece was performed with the brilliant maker Grace Gibson and explained the world of remission.


The Eulogy has been supported and developed due to the kind support of so many people and I won't be able to thank them all but I want to give it a go (Apologies in advance if I've missed anyone)...


Dave Jackson, Rosalyn Newbery, Rich Rusk, David Ridley, Jamie Platt, Kirsty Harris, Amelia Jane Hankin, Joseph Wallace, Duncan Roe, Richard Davenport, Rebecca Pitt, Chloe Nelkin, Jake Evans. Then there's IdeasTap Underbelly, BAC, Coney, The Old Vic, The Yard, RichMix and Plymouth Fringe Festival. Not forgetting Bloodwise, Teenage Cancer Trust, Trekstock, Anthony Nolan and Teenage Cancer Trust. Funding thanks to Arts Council England and the Wellcome Trust. And lastly, to my parents, my brother and Kristie for all their continued support.

The Eulogy prompted my desire to make the world of cancer more accessible and finding ways to support those who have had, are going through or will in the future have cancer. For more information head to - it has on there more information about our new project to work with 10 young patients and explore how creativity supports young people to live with, and beyond, cancer. 

The subject matter in the show is very personal to a number of people. If you'd like to chat after the show I'll be in the bar afterwards or if you'd rather tweet I'm on @tobypeach or drop me a message on my website. Alternatively the wonderful people at MacMillan have a Freephone number support line on 08088080000.

Thank you for having me in Derby tonight.