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The Origin of carmen Power

Dive into The Origin Of Carmen Power, an online superhero adventure filled with monsters, magic powers and Unicorns! There you’ll meet Carmen who, through this playful quest, shares her real-life experience of cancer five years ago when she was seven years-old. In this self-guided online experience, Carmen uses play and imagination to express the challenges she faced and overcome. 

Made over three years, we developed this imaginative and often joyful interactive digital story with Carmen in order to tell her story in her own words.


While this is about one child’s story, it also has a universal messages about finding our inner strength and resilience, and asks us what we can learn from life’s most unexpected moments. 

The Origin of Carmen Power has been made especially for children aged 7-13 and enables children to explore it at their own pace, for as long or short a time as they wish. As this story contains emotive subject matter, you may wish to explore this story together with your child. 

You can watch the whole piece for FREE by clicking below, or you can read more about the process of making The Origin Of Carmen Power. 

Made in Association with the Unicorn Theatre with support from Arts Council England, John Thaw Foundation, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Unlimited. 

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