Creativity in Health- What's in your Eulogy?


The Eulogy of Toby Peach tour is accompanied by an optional outreach & educational workshop, led by Toby and developed in collaboration with Anne Langford, focusing on the show’s themes and subject matter.​

Toby explores the world behind his award winning solo show, The Eulogy of Toby Peach, and the creativity that has led him to being alive, in this unique, interactive and enlightening workshop.

The Eulogy has a strong impact with patient groups who have had a direct link to cancer and the show was performed at the Teenage Cancer Trust conference 'Find Your Sense Of Tumour conference' where the show received a standing ovation from the conferences’ 300 young cancer patients and cancer support workers. It is clear that artistically engaging patients with this show is beneficial. Chairman of blood cancer charity Bloodwise gave this response to the show 


‘The Eulogy is an absorbing and identifiable experience, that resonates with those like me who have had cancer whilst expertly communicating the sweetness and sadness of cancer treatment to other people who have not'

He will unpack the true story behind the show and his cancer diagnosis, offering insight into its development and how, and why, we must make difficult subject accessible. Toby will delve into how engaging our imaginations can save lives and how science and the arts are irrefutably linked. In a safe and supportive environment participants will be led through a series of fun and engaging creative exercises culminating in the chance to celebrate their own life by writing their Eulogy – because why wait until someone else does it for you.

This workshop lasts about 90 minutes and is suitable for patient groups, school groups (ages 15-18), artists and anyone interested in creativity. The workshop will be tailored to the age and experience of the group so basic information about the participants will be required in advance.

Leonie Oliver, the Youth Support Co-ordinator from Southampton TCT Unit, brought 10 young patients to a workshop in Bordon.

'The workshop delivered by Toby enabled my young people and me, to think of the history behind the treatment.  It also gave them the opportunity to reflect in a safe environment which isn’t a hospital setting and with people that are not their family; so they could speak honestly without worrying about how others will react.  The setting was informal and at times fun whilst dealing with sensitive issues.

Thank you Toby for the opportunity, and I hope we can continue to work together at some point in the future.'

The Eulogy has been performed for both charity and educational sectors and continues to gain interest from similar institues.


After performing at Sutton Valence School, their Head of Drama, Claire Fordham, said:


‘Combining theatre, science, technology and a lot of care and attention Toby has created a piece of theatre that is moving and engaging for a school audience.’


Emily Davies, Drama teacher at Sutton Valence added


'The performance was extremely well received and resulted in a pupil led standing ovation. Since then, they have not stopped talking about The Eulogy and it has resulted in in-depth conversations about both the subject content, and the use of theatre and performance to inform and educate an audience. I cannot recommend the show enough and I would advice any teacher to invite Toby to perform at their school'