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The Committee

In 2017 I began working with my local theatre at The Yard on a pilot project called The Committee. The Committee saw a group of young people aged 14-17 coming together over the Summer to explore what theatre should be and could be. We explored big questions, diving into Who is theatre for, Why do we tell stories and What role does a theatre play in a community before creating our very own Manifesto. I’ve put it here because I think it’s a brilliant manifesto and if all arts organisations took it on we’d be in a pretty sweet arts industry. 

In 2018 we took that pilot and continued working together. 

It’s a programme for 15-19 year olds who will shape the performance world and change the future of theatre.

We meet fortnightly at The Yard, London’s livest theatre to learn creative producing skills, build friendships and creative networks and to genuinely lead on a series of authentic projects with The Yard’s producing team. Our main project in 201 saw me supporting the group as they delivered their first event - FREE YARD. 

A free one day festival in the heart of Hackney Wick, hosted by The Committee, The Yard’s young change-makers.

Live music, food, workshops, dance and spoken word. All free. Even the food.

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