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Over the past 4 years, Coney have been working out how we work with young people, and what our offer is to the young people of our local borough, Tower Hamlets. We’ve made projects that have taken place in the streets, online during the pandemic and outside car industry gala dinners, all of these focused on listening to the passions of our young people, what they want to change in the world, and giving them the tools to speak to those who they want to reach. This practice we now call Playful Activism.

In 2021, as the pandemic impacted our method of delivery, we piloted our new offer to make sure our work was more accessible and reached more young people in the borough than ever before. We proactively shifted our model of engagement in Tower Hamlets to an in-school delivery method and offered out our Young Coneys Training Programme that introduced young people to Coneys’ innovative practice.

Through this programme, we share our practice with new generations, building the future voices of Coney, to be heard now. With the young people who finish this programme we develop new pieces of work that can often be seen as pieces of Playful Activism, looking to spark change through play. 


Codename: Violet


Codename: Pancake

A phone adventure for families to play on their walk home from school, exploring what the neighbourhood looks like to 10-year-olds. Connecting the two primary schools, which the young people we were working with go to, and covering the changes the young people wanted to see

codename paddington.png

Codename: Paddington

An adventure map where families head out to explore the green space of Weavers Fields, to find signals coming through from 2050, from people who were 10 in 2022, with messages about the changes they have seen in the future, and how we can act now to stop them happening

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