The Young Coneys


The Young Coney’s are Young people making things for others, especially grown-ups, to play.


All are infused with Coney's ethos of adventure, curiosity and loveliness.


They are made up of young people from all types of backgrounds who were met by Coney through outreach workshops and projects, then invited to join The Young Coneys.


They sometimes may make pieces for audiences to meet in person – like The Droves – or to meet online – like The TakeOver Quiz (click on the card below to play their game) Whichever way they believe they can have a bigger impact on our audiences – people like you.

The Droves

A full scale immersive show designed, written & performed by a group of 7-12 year olds

Codename: Violet

A special project in collaboration with Greenpeace to create a playful intervention at a Car Industry gala