Toby has aced moving forward from cancer, he has an award winning theatre show, been to the Arctic Tundra and had an illustrious career as a male model. So when he is asked to explain his top tips he is more than happy to. Unfortunately the Arts Council would only fund the show if it was participatory, so he's had to bring Grace with him. Together they explore what being in remission for a young person is like, with Identity questions, Cancer Top Trumps and An Anxiety Macarena. 

In the UK today 100,000 young people are living with, and beyond, cancer. 8 out of 10 diagnosed come through to the other side. However, once you have experienced the hurricane of challenges and treatments - how do you move forward? 

The Other Side Of A Hurricane, a two-hander performance exploring the world of remission, connected with 286 young cancer patients at Teenage Cancer’s Find Your Sense Of Tumour in 2017.


The performance, developed over a 3-week residency at The Young Vic and received a standing ovation from the young cancer patients and healthcare professionals in the audience. The show highlighted key themes that were prominent to moving forward from cancer and the fantastic response from the audience showcased how these themes resonated with them.

The show is available for bookings at healthcare conferences and demonstrates an honest reflection on what moving forward may mean and whether it is possible. Hit Testimonials to hear what people thing of The Hurricane. 

For more information and if you are interested in viewing the show then please press contact below