Trekstock Talks 

I had a lot of questions when I had cancer and had plenty more afterwards. Trekstock Talks provide an opportunity for us to explore some of those questions that young adults have when they are diagnosed, are facing treatments or working out how they thrive beyond it.

As a young patient myself, I believe we need to offer a platform for these conversations to take place so that we can continue to connect with others who are facing similar dilemmas or are curious to know more about the world they have been thrust into. 

Having cancer at a young age throws you into a world of unknowns and our job with Trekstock Talks is to make that world a little less scary by offering insights into the darkness that young adults are facing.

Trekstock Talks are live Q&A sessions with experts addressing topics that matter to young adults living with cancer, such as anxiety, work and fertility. I host these fascinating chats and we stream each Trekstock Talk live on social media channels @trekstock #TrekstockTalks, and we then make them available in bite-sized chunks on Youtube.

It's thanks to the many experts who have kindly donated their time, we've been able film talks on: 

  • Work with Cancer

  • Sex & Relationships 

  • Public transport & hidden illnesses 

  • Fertility 

  • Food & Cancer 

  • Coping with anxiety 

  • Communication

  • Parenting with Cancer

The Trailer - count how many times I blink...

You can watch any of our previous #TrekstockTalks on the Trekstock YouTube channel.