The Tricycle - Press Road Young Company

In 2016/7 the Tricycle Theatre joined forces with six venues across the North London borough of Brent to deliver six new theatre companies and I had chance to look after their Press Road Young Company. 


Hosting weekly workshops with 3 groups of young people (aged 7-14) over the course of a year we  were part of two projects, a theatre project called Mapping Brent and the creation of Short Films that were shown on The Tricycle cinema screen. 


Mapping Brent extended the Tricycle’s Creative Learning programme across the borough to build lasting relationships with communities and gave young people a voice and a platform to be heard. Together we devised a site-specific show that run over alongside a family fun day at The Grange in Neasden called Buried. 


In 1968, Mike Meany – a Neasden legend – buried himself alive for 61 days for a shot at the Guinness Book of World Records and a World tour. Sadly, Mike’s fame didn’t last.


50 year later his granddaughter Michaela decides to take the same challenge to make her fame hungry sister happy and get her own bedroom. But as Michaela delves into an underground world she discovers something more important.


A tale of sibling relationships, legacy and survival, Buried was devised with the Press Road Young Company, Emma Dennis-Edwards and Toby Peach. 


In our second term we had the chance to make short films with Filmmaker George Day. We devised 3 short films that together made the ‘Fab Trilogy’; The Salon, The Athlete & The Twins.