Pilot Overview

Aimed at young people, aged 18 - 30 who have experienced having cancer, this project supports 10 young patients to create a Young Company, using creativity to explore life post diagnosis and treatment.

100,000 young people in the UK live with, and beyond, cancer. 8 out of 10 diagnosed survive but after the challenges and treatments - How do you move forward? What happens next? What Now? Discussing moving forward from cancer is a taboo subject and incorporates physical, mental and social challenges, Sue Morgan MBE, Teenage Cancer Trust Nurse Consultant, explained the challenges facing young patients

They tell us that whilst they are having treatment they feel that they are being looked after and that they feel ‘safe;’ i.e. safe in that the cancer is being treated and that they are being checked at all times. When they finish treatment, they start to feel unsafe, their cancer isn’t being treated and the staff who once cared for them are now caring for ‘new’ patients. They describe it as falling off the edge of a cliff or having the rug pulled from under them. They are scared and insecure. The Sword of Damocles sits firmly above their head. 


Over 3 months participants will develop their creative skills, finding new ways to share, understand and communicate their experience. Participants will be supported by theatre makers, Toby Peach and Grace Gibson to explore language and, importantly, a comfort in expressing themselves. Workshops will culminate in a work-in-progress performance devised, delivered and performed by the Young Company at Battersea Arts Centre in March 2019.

We are supported by Arts Council England, Teenage Cancer Trust & Trekstock.

Rehearsal space has been given by Maggie’s West London Centre & The Young Vic Taking Part Team.