Sometimes I find myself in front of people, sometimes as a character, sometimes as myself. 


2015 saw me joining Old Vic New Voices as their BBC Fellow in Community Theatre. I worked on a range of projects from their Schools Club to being Assistant Director on their Community Theatre Company's production 'AGES'.


In late 2015 I also began working with a fantastic young peoples company, Islington Community Theatre. I run regular workshops as a director on their Islington Youth Theatre groups. 


In 2014 this involved an adventure over to Saudi Arabia with National Youth Theatre as part of their Cultural Exchange programme. I worked as Assistant Director as we delivered a 2-week summer-course to 30 young Saudi men. Our journey with them culminated in a community showcase of a show they created with us.


2014 also saw my first venture into Dramaturgy as I supported a young theatre company from Bath Spa University as they created an educational interactive theatre show around the theme of ‘aspirations’. Penny Mix Theatre Company created a show that put the audience in the role of a rebel faction trying to take down the aspiration-banning government. 


Sometimes my workshops see me taking on another role, with the Roald Dahl Museum, I played a Top Researcher in Chocolate who was on the hunt for new receipes and to recruit some new Sensationally Spectacular Students in Sweets and other Scruptious Delights. 


With Coney I have wonderful opportunities to play Apollo and run Ancient Greek workshops in schools, run community projects with members of Lower Marsh for Fantasy High Street and run games out in Poznan in Poland. The list goes on; A Georgian Courtier, The Boss of Positivity, Storytelling workshops with Cbeebies, 

There are rumours that I occasionally run workshops for secret agencies about secret agent training and I can categorically say that I don’t know what categorically means. These may have something to do with Coney and sometimes involves lemon jousting. They may not. 

Let me facilitate you to the next place